As a receptionist at Lavish, my main goal is to help ensure that your experience with us is relaxing from start to finish.  I strive to make sure that our guests are always cared for with great customer service; whether it be through a phone call, email or in person!

I am a Certified Aesthetician at Lavish Salon and Spa.  I love the atmosphere and truly believe in Aveda products.  The best part of my day is knowing that I've helped someone discover their beauty!  I look forward to meeting you and helping you get the relaxation you deserve


Master Stylist at Brooklin

I have been an aesthetician for six years now. I am new to the Lavish team and I am excited to meet everyone. I enjoy helping people and making them feel good about themselves. My goal is to provide a friendly and personalized service experience that will help leave you relaxed and rejuvenated. 

I am a licensed stylist with nine years of experience under my belt. I love meeting new clients and having the ability to do something different everyday. My goal is to make everyone feel as beautiful as they can be. 

​Salon Coordinator


I look forward to greeting you on your next visit to Lavish. 

As Receptionist as well as Wedding Coordinator, I can't wait to help you with the finishing touches on your magical day! 

As a receptionist at Lavish, I will do my best to assist you in any way I can. Great customer care in a friendly efficient manner is what I will strive for you! I look forward to booking your next appointment, responding to your online inquires and confirming your upcoming visits. 

Front Desk Receptionists


Spa Therapist at Whitby/Brooklin

I am a skin care specialist and esthetician at Lavish Salon and Spa in both the Whitby and Brooklin locations.  I have been working with and using Aveda skin care products for several years.  My passion is to help people with their skin concerns by consulting and performing facial treatments that are both effective and relaxing.  I also enjoy doing massages and body treatments and specialize in the Aryvedic East Indian Head massage.  


Spa Therapist at Brooklin

I've been with Lavish for 2 years now and have been doing aesthetics for 4. My favourite services are facials and make-up applications for all occasions. I'm also a certified eyelash specialist in mink lashes. All I want is for my client to feel happy and satisfied at the end of every service.


Spa Therapist/Make-up Artist 

at Whitby/Brooklin

Spa Therapists 

"Beauty is as beauty does" and making my guests feel completely at ease and relaxed while trusting in me to make them look beautiful is an incredible feeling. I am passionate about my career and love what I do. 


Master Stylist

Since graduating from the Aveda Institute Toronto four years ago, I have been mastering my craft through advanced courses and continue to grow on a daily basis. Whether it's a total make-over or a routine root touch-up, making each and every guest in my chair look and feel amazing is what I strive for. I am so blessed to call my passion my career. 


Receptionist at Brooklin

Currently on Maternity Leave

WHITBY:  905-668-6869 3500 Brock Street North Whitby ON L1R 3J4      Sun- Mon Closed   T-F 8AM-10PM,  Sat 8 AM-5PM    


Receptionist at Whitby


Spa Therapist Whitby

Stephanie Receptionist at Whitby/Brooklin

I have been doing esthetics for four years now and I love it more each day, it's emotionally rewarding knowing you're helping people feel good and putting a smile on their face.  The job is never the same and I continue to grow and learn more each day at lavish.  I love being able to interact and meet new people.  If you haven't had a service with me, I welcome you to come try out our Brooklin location, you won't be disappointed!

Rachel -   Brooklin & Whitby


Spa Therapist at Whitby-Currently on Mat Leave

I'm a stylist and make-up artist at Lavish Salon & Spa. I am motivated to give each and every guest the "Lavish" experience. My passion for the beauty industry and Aveda continues to grow daily. 


Senior Stylist/Make-up Artist Whitby

at Whitby


Master Stylist at Brooklin

​Master Stylist/Make-up Artist 

at Whitby

​Master Stylist at Whitby


Receptionist at Whitby 


Senior stylist at Whitby

I have been working for Lavish since opening in 2007 as a Spa Therapist and Make-up Artist. I enjoying offering all spa and make-up services.

I look forward to meeting you! 


Spa Therapist/Make-up Artist/​Spa Lead


I am currently a stylist at Lavish Salon & Spa and am eager to expand my career and become a Master. My main goal is to make every guest that sits in my chair feel welcomed, relaxed and beautiful. 

I have been working at Lavish for nearly four years. Prior to starting with Lavish, I graduated with honurs from the Aveda Institute. I love cutting short hair and creating very natural looks using Aveda colour. 

I've been working in the hair industry for approximately five years. I am a very artistic person, and by doing hair I am able to make a living while not feeling like I'm at work because I am enjoying myself. I am always honest and up front with my guests and will always give my professional opinion and advice before I do any type of service. 

My name is Maria and I've been in the salon environment since the age of fourteen. With eight years experience in cutting, colouring and fusion hair extensions, I feel it is important to stay current in my education an keep up with hot new trends. 

​ Master Elite Stylist/Salon Lead/Make-up Artist at Brooklin

I have worked at Lavish for about a year now as an assistant, and it has allowed me to learn more and more each day about the industry that I love, while giving me the opportunity to take the first steps towards following my dream of being a hairstylist.

I have been in the hair industry since 2013 and have been a part of the Lavish team since 2016.  I love working with all hair types as well as applying both bonded and tape-in extensions.  I look forward to meeting you and creating the perfect hairstyle to suit your needs!

Our Staff


Spa Therapist/Make-up Artist

at Brooklin

I've been doing hair for three years and studied at Career School of Hair & Nails. I love to educate and provide my guests with information after all services to ensure they achieve a professional salon look at home.

​Hope to see you soon! 


Spa Therapist at Whitby

Jenna Lee
​Master  Elite Stylist/Make-up Artist

at Whitby

My experience in hair and make up dates back to 2007 when I graduated from hair school in London. Each day is a new day with different opportunities to further my experience and devotion to my clientele. 

I have more than 10 years experience in the beauty and wellness industry. I look forward to guiding you with your bookings and assisting you with your visit here at Lavish Salon & Spa. 

I have been in the hair industry for almost 6 years and my passion for it grows everyday.  I specialize in long hair, extensions, wedding/event hair and everything in between.  I have been to advanced training courses all over the USA and Ontario and continue to train with Lavish and Aveda.  I strive to make every guest feel amazing and can't wait to see you!

I started with at Lavish in February 2014, after attending Durham College for two years. As a stylist, I love working with all different hair types and lengths. I strive to ensure each and every guest leaves looking and feeling great. 


Master Stylist at Brooklin

Lee Andrea
​Master Elite Stylist at Whitby


Wedding Coordinator 

​​​​​​ BROOKLIN:905-655-6667 5969 Baldwin Street South Brooklin ON L1M 2J7      Sun-Mon 9AM - 5PM ,  Tue-Fri 8:30AM - 9 PM,  Sat 8-5 


I have worked in customer service for almost 8 years.  The "Lavish" experience starts with a phone call or email and continues as guests walk through the door.  I love when guests leave feeling relaxed and cared for.  I strive to make every guest feel welcomed upon arrival and look forward to seeing them on their next visit!

As a certified aesthetician with over seven years experience, my priority is to make every guest feel comfortable, relaxed and rejuvenated. My passions include massages and pedicures. I look forward to pampering you with our Aveda products here and Lavish.  


Spa Therapist at Whitby


Master Stylist/Make-up Artist

at Whitby

With 8 years of experience in the beauty industry I'm still excited today as the day I started and as I continue in my career I understand that it's not just a service we provide but an experience that we customize to each client.  I provide every esthetics service as well as make up and eyelash extenions and can guarantee when you come to lavish you will leave feeling reinvigorated!

Lauren -   Brooklin & Whitby


Master Stylist at Whitby


Spa Therapist Whitby/Brookln


Master stylist at Brooklin

I have over 15 years experience in the aesthetic field. I truly have a passion and enjoy making my guests feel wonderful. 


Spa Therapist at Brooklin